100 Mystery Buttons… But Every Button is SLIME!

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Carter Sharer just let fans control his life for 24 hours!! She got Carer with the 100 mystery button challenge as payback!! But today Carter Share gets Lizzy back with the help of Bailey Bagles Payne, Matt Braeden and Andrew with the 100 Mystery Buttons challenge but EVERY BUTTON IS SLIME!! Even Ryan Prunty and Ethan get in on the action!! And of course, Carter has a secret weapon: the slime hose!! Only a single problem this time: did we forget to construct an escape button? This was one of the weirdest challenges we have ever done. We had green slime, blue slime, crimson slime and also purple slime with gloss. But no escape button?? You have seen other 100 mystery button challenges out there, but nothing like this!! What should the next challenge be?? Remark below!!

Many thanks to Zimpli Kids Slime Baff for imparting all the astonishing slime!! Slime Baff is what we used and it is biodegradable, skin safe and drain safe. Thank you!!


@Chad Wild Clay Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! Only 1 will let you ESCAPE! Only ONE Will Let You ESCAPE!

Rejoice, but always plan ahead, and recollect that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

This footage is owned by Team RAR inc. and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Team RAR inc. For any requests from media contact us at carter@nightmedia.co


  1. Milk only

  2. Orris Strickland

    You should do ice water for baily

  3. Pizza is being a baby

  4. Lizzy is being a baby

  5. @20:20
    Hi , from ohio , hey

  6. 100 button cow manure box challenge


    Ever every button is chocolate

  8. Patricia Watson

    Be happy lizz

  9. You should lock Bailey in a prison with a pool of slime

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