Opening 100 gifts in 24 hours challenge..
This was the weirdest day of my life

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  1. To whoever is reading this keep going, you’re doing fine! No matter how slow your progress, each new week is filled with tiny steps forward. Be proud of yourself you got this

  2. Vernice's best friend, Jennifer

    is that woman singer pierson

  3. Go date Brent

  4. Go date Lexi

  5. I Love your videos merry Christmas I got a Nintendo switch and i got blue Nike shoes

  6. ★Rosie Brennan★

    I don’t think that if Lexi doesn’t want to date Jeremy she shouldn’t it is her choice

  7. Testimony from Witnesses
    Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, chair of China Tribunal, is also the former lead prosecutor of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Citing the conclusion reached by the China Tribunal, he said, “Forced organ harvesting has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale and Falun Gong practitioners have been one – and probably the main – source of organ supply.”

    As the forced organ harvesting continues to today, the Tribunal found it to be genocide. “For the Falun Gong, the following elements of the crime of Genocide are clearly established,” he added. This includes “killing members of the group” and “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.”

    Oncology surgeon Dr. Enver Tohti Bugdha told a story which took place in 1995, in which he was ordered by the Chinese government to carry out live organ harvesting.

    “My scalpel finds its way cutting his skin, blood can be seen. It implies that his heart was still pumping blood, he was alive! My chief surgeon whispered to me: Hurry up! His word was the command, and also, I felt it was a kind of assurance that I did this by his order,” Bugdha recalled.

    The whole operation took around 30-40 minutes, the chief surgeons were happy to collect the organs. One of them then said to Bugdha, “Now you take your team back to the hospital. Remember nothing happened today.”

    Matthew Robertson from the Australian National University (Canberra) is a co-author of “Execution by Organ Procurement: Breaching the Dead Donor Rule in China” published in the American Journal of Transplantation.

    Robertson said he and his team examined thousands of Chinese-language medical papers. “Of these, 71 papers gave explicit descriptions of surgeons appearing to violate the dead donor rule while procuring hearts from prisoners,” he said, “In plain language, the papers appear to show that the donors, who were prisoners, were alive at the time of surgery, and were killed by the transplant surgeons in the process of heart extraction.”

    “These findings show a uniquely close and long-running collaboration between the PRC’s medical establishment and its public security system. Further, it is likely that many of these transplants were from political prisoners. This would make PRC surgeons, many of whom were trained in the West, involved in medicalized extrajudicial killing,” he added.

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