100 Days Ago I Built a Desert Ecosystem, This Happened

#environment #paludarium #vivarium
Scorpions, Death Feigning Beetles, Mexican Jumping Beans, and much more! Over the past 100 days, I documented my little chunk of the desert. Watch as it converts from a barren wasteland into a flourishing environment!


  1. like 1:32 he went to day fifty

  2. Your video is soo interesting!!!😁

  3. I usually love your videos, but I think the editing was kind of out of control in this one.
    New soundtracks beginning and ending all the time; booming sounds like 500 times; techy and needless camera zoom sounds; way too short clips. It felt stressful to watch. The narration was also too dramatic (e.g. the “beetle’s fatal mistake” which proved to be quite unfatal).
    I prefer your usual style in which you go more into depth with your reasons and considerations for introducing different fauna and flora, and at the same time giving us more time to visually take in what is happening.
    I usually feel like I’m getting smarter and at the same time entertained when I watch your other videos, but this wasn’t the case with this one at all.

    I realize that a lot of people probably don’t agree with me and prefer this overdramatic action movie video style, but I thought I’d give you my honest opinion since I genuinely love your usual content and approach to what you’re doing.

  4. The best vedios I had ever seen, the content is just pure gold
    Im down for the other ecosystem

  5. SAD FACT: camels dont have humps to carry water, its just muscle.

  6. This dude should be working for Discovery Channel

  7. отличное видео, приказываю просмотрам расти )

  8. the only isopods i know yesterday was the zebra isopod and the giant sea isopod

  9. I Love watching you make these ecosystems it also Helps me learn more and as a thirteen yr old i enjoy these tysm✨

  10. I’m really curious what will be next You make amazing ecosystems 🌿 thank you very much for the episode (I have suggestions for one of the future ecosystems, maybe a swamp?)

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