100 Buttons but ONLY ONE let us you ESCAPE!

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THANK YOU! I love tacos


  1. BTS butter

  2. this is so bad how do you steal others video ideas your honestly the shittest youtuber ive seen in a quick minute

  3. Rashid Bin sulayem

    This Video should have been called Try not to laugh Cause I can’t Stop XD

  4. Great you tube channel your my favorite and hope you have a good day

  5. Xxtrordinary Ribbit

    Maybe your next video can be blindfolded for 24 hours

  6. Fill the house with peanuts and find the real peanut

  7. Connor McGinnis

    Fill one of the houses with the packing peanuts

  8. Unspeakable Shorts Fan Account

    They deserve more Subs their content is 100/10

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