10 ways Android is just better


  1. Name of the phone please

  2. dont need any of this

  3. At 4:20 *Spits

  4. Yeah yeah all fun and games until we jailbreak our iPhones lol

  5. Laughs in IOS

  6. Well I hate Doing comparisons and reviews on Peoples shit…but I agree…and something like my S9 puts them to same and you don’t need a 750-1000$ phone….

  7. 4:19 its not nice to spit at people linus

  8. The pandering is strong

  9. Android play store has weird bootleg mobile games

  10. I don’t understand Linus’s complaints about the iOS back button. I can’t think of an app that doesn’t support going back by swiping in from the left edge of the screen. I never need to reach up to the back button in the upper left because my right thumb can reach across and swipe in from the bottom left.

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