Video game secrets are leaked all of the time, but some become big and blow up. Here are some insane examples.


  1. Love the Stranger things feel to the video.

  2. I don’t know about Nintendo, since I haven’t heard anything, but most other gaming companies are literal thieves who avoid taxes and then get tax relief. Not to mention the pile of other garbage they do. These people are the worst of the worst. Nothing you do to them is morally or ethically wrong, and it shouldn’t be illegal either.

  3. Maskgun is the game I love to play

  4. I don’t see why Axel Gembe can’t get a job in cyber security. Some places like government agencies and corporations hire people with black hat hacker backgrounds. They know that the individual knows their stuff, especially if the person was able to exploit some weaknesses that were very tough to exploit. Some people with criminal backgrounds now work with the FBI as consultants to help them nab current criminals. It all depends on the place that hires.

  5. @3:00 he signed an NDA. He gets jail time orna big fine. If this dumbass leaked it and it came back to bite him I hope it does and bites 10 times as worst! If you’re a shit person, you get shit treatment. Man, my generation can’t even keep a contract straight. Fucking sad.

  6. He leaked the imformation to someone else who leaked it to reddit, so he did leak it, which was in violation of his NDA. It’s a /binding legal contract/. One issue I have with this channel is the lack of understanding into the legal side of the video game industry or in general. This is reality, not your ideal world where every video game company is a charity and don’t want to make money. You should not argue a stance you don’t understand.

  7. Alvar Fernández

    Nice video but Falcon dude, it almost sounded like you do not know how corporate espionage and NDA laws work. Like if you break you ARElegaly liable even if you are not the person making the info public.

  8. whats that song in the background? i’m in love with it

  9. Supmatto is having his channel deleted. I think if I remember correctly they copystriked alot more of his videos after his latest video.

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