10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

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10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won’t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws


  1. Patrick courtney

    The white table, edlers react, and the cup in the background?

  2. Doesn’t the early lightsaber model come with batteries

  3. xdropdead_adamx

    White table, elders react, and the starbucks cup

  4. Cup, elders react, and table😊

  5. I found all three Easter eggs but I don’t have twitter

  6. I knew all these….. cause I like movie bloopers 😉😉😉😉

  7. This is how magic tricks work

  8. The elders react sign

  9. Coffee cup
    Elder react on the laptop
    Color of the tables changes

  10. 1 elders react
    2 table changed colors
    3 only one cup in the back ground

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