10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jayson Tatum

A secret pregame ritual, a sickness that impacted his life, a cursed haircut?.. Here is 10 things you did not know about Jayson Tatum..

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  1. Hoop flix is the goat no competition

  2. almost made me cry at the end 😢

  3. It is so crazy that a young kid can have a big dream, and actually achieve exactly what he wanted. Most adults have dreams too, but they are too lazy to work towards them. It’s just crazy to me that a young kid can work harder at his dream and have more discipline than most adults, myself included.

  4. 3:16

  5. 3:05 i thought draymond froze again XD

  6. Hes also only 19


    Deuce is the real goat

  8. At 4:29 thats just messed up cause Boston made basketball-

  9. Deuce is a menace 😂

  10. ItsDonovanDlsr

    W video like all ways

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