10 Things The Vlog Squad Can’t Live Without | GQ Parody (w/ Jeff, Joe, Carly, Erin and Jonah)

We sat down with several members of the Vlog Squad (Jeff Wittek, Joe Vulpis, Carly Incontro, Erin Gilfoy, and Nick Antonyan) to speak about things they can not live without any!!

And check out some of best video clips:

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  1. Yo Guys thanks for watching. We will have a part 2 with Heath, Mariah, Corrina, Todd and Brandon coming up later in the week. Thanks!

  2. Funny videos and more!

    1:44 did jeff say “that’s a good answer” instead of “that’s a good question” or is it just me???

  3. Molly Woodward

    JASON, I really can’t express how glad I am that nothing worked out the way you thought it would until YouTube. Can’t imagine my life without you and your content.

  4. Lmao I miss Nyc pop up?✋??

  5. Ruthy Valencia

    Joeeee cause no one talking about him ????

  6. Jason is on the trending page let’s goooo! Can’t tell if it is because it’s good content or Jeff is in the thumbnail though?

  7. Thought Nick would bring out doughnuts

  8. Courtney Crawford

    My mom and dad wears those shoes hahahahaha

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