10 of the World’s Smallest Products that Actually Work!

10 of the World’s Smallest Working Products! | DOPE or NOPE?
DOPE or NOPE is back at it with more insane merchandise that claim to be the world’s tiniest! Join the crew as they unbox these teeny tiny and humorous merchandise and rate them worthwhile (DOPE), or a waste of cash (NOPE). Prepare yourself for some idiotic merchandise, and remark below which one was your favorite!

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  1. Matt needs to know that Android is beetter of devs ya kids

  2. You should also do 10 products their kids like that parents just don’t understand

  3. Snot suckers – indispensable

  4. Micro Machines are my all time favorite smallest products

  5. I use it for my four month old

  6. kid kissing…only his own…real father

  7. Bro Matt I watch and love Seinfeld to and I am 13

  8. Nosefreda is god use all the time

  9. I bought one of those nose suckers when pregnant but haven’t used it yet on my 18 month old ?

  10. Taner and Michael: You know, mad libs.

    Matt: What are you talking about???????????

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