10 of the Tiniest Weapons We Found on Wish!

omg today we have such a teeny tiny episode of dope or nope for you all. in this episode, we go to wish.com and see if we can find the coolest tiny weapons possible. i mean, one of them is as big as the tip of your finger. isn’t that the coolest? i think so. make sure to hit that tiny like button if you enjoyed today’s episode, and then leave a tiny comment of what you enjoyed most. stay tiny.

00:00​ – Intro
01:53​ – Toothpick Shotgun
05:33​ – the mini baton
07:45​ – TINY KNIFE
09:20 – lil circle knife ft. multi tool
11:00 – mini throwing star knife
12:19 – tiny butterfly knife (not cute tho)
13:25 – mini dial calipers (they could be dangerous if thrown hard enough)
14:49 – surprise mini knife!!!!!!
16:54 – its a long sword *but mini*
18:06 – the smallest weapon of the whole video
19:41 – mini crossbow (it definitely works)

PO Box ➡ 24307 Magic Mountain Pkwy #617, Valenica, CA 91355


  1. sorry guys no big mystery box today, too risky to send weapons in the mail. Hope you understand! Enjoy!

  2. That twisted knife is a illegal to use in war cuss it will kill someone in a second

  3. # I think this will be good for skateboarder😂😂😂

  4. let me measure your pp…ooh 14:19

  5. this video has many double meaning words and sentences

  6. the shotgun for the toothpicks I have the crossbow version

  7. U guys do too much just test the product ..u aint funny

  8. I haven’t watch this in a long time I miss this

  9. Bring back Patt!

  10. Gay vibes

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