10+ NEW Features just added in MW2 Season 1! (Hidden Updates)

10+ NEW Features just added in MW2 Season 1! (Hardest Unlock in COD History)

*RAPID FIRE* MW2 Season 1 Event, DLC Weapons, and More!

00:00 10+ NEW Features just added in MW2 Season 1! (Hidden Updates)
00:34 4 new camos added to MW2 Season 1 update
01:10 Cyber Gamemode in MW2 Season 1 update
01:42 Bounty Gamemode in MW2 Season 1 update
02:07 Gun Screen Feature added MW2 Season 1 update
02:22 All Gun Screens in-game in MW2 season 1 update
02:42 New Blueprints in MW2 season 1
02:50 Blueprint tuning future in MW2 season 1
03:09 Tracers in MW2 season 1
03:30 Infinite Warfare Robot comes back in Mw2 season 1
03:55 World Cup Event Operators in MW2 season 1
04:10 New operator skins in MW2 season 1
04:20 Finishing Moves added into MW2 Season 1
04:52 New Camo Icon in-game popup
05:21 new stickers in MW2 Season 1
05:39 Reward for 1000 Warzone 2 wins…
06:10 Reward for 1000 DMZ wins…
06:49 How to use the new Callingcard system in MW2 season 1
07:11 MW2 MP talent Challenges
08:28 DMZ Mastery Challenges MW2 Season 1
09:02 Warzone 2 Mastery Challenges MW2 Season 1
09:37 Prestige Mastery Challenges in MW2 Season 1
10:00 MW2 Seasonal Challenges
10:30 New ANIMATED Prestige icons 1-5 in MW2 Season 1
10:56 Reward for MAX Prestige in MW2 season 1
11:08 CDL Camos in MW2 Season 1 Update
11:16 New solid Colors Camos in MW2 season 1
11:30 Glow in the Dark Camo in MW2 Season 1
11:50 Matte Black Camo in MW2 Season 1
12:09 Thanks for viewing 🙂


  1. All this and we don’t even have the official patch notes yet 👀

    • @All_ the_dunks yeah, my uodate is going super slow for some reason

    • You are our patch notes 😂

    • Mw19 was sadly better

    • Phantom Skull Gaming

      Um the Horangi skin thats jet black Roze 2.0 anyone?

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  2. Thx for info as always

  3. Charlie is determined to never fail to entertain us every day

  4. They changed the solid camos! They look like shit!

  5. This game is surprisingly realistic. As the weapons available are the only logical way to deal with spiders.

  6. Smii7y and his friends are the type who would create chaos in a weekend >:(

  7. Bunch of trash, there is no new multiplayer maps!?

  8. Alr guys she’s so close let’s get her to 15M!!

  9. Love you videos they always make my day better 😛

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