10 million subs elbow unveil

Technodad here.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
For everyone else, Happy December 25th!

I am regretful Alex did not get to give you an elbow unveil while he was still alive. But his spirit lives on in you. Thanks to the might of the fan community, I am able to bring you this. Hopefully it will start showing up as his most recent video instead of “so long nerds” because frankly that thing is a downer.

Please keep spreading the love and keeping his spirit alive. Be kind to one another.

I’ve dipped my toe into the fan community, and found the welcome to be warm. I’ve got some more things planned for you guys. Stay tuned.



  2. even after he’s dead, he uploads. what a cool dude

  3. Bro won the gulag

  4. Technoblade never dies.

  5. What he’s alive!

  6. No way this bozo faked his death 😮

  7. Legends never die!

  8. i saw this vid, forgot techno died my brain convinced me that he was alive and well somehow. Now i’m balling my eyes out because I listened to myself

  9. Didn’t you die?

  10. Finally the elbow reveal!! ❤

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