10 Incredible Cut Content Secrets in Elden Ring

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Blaidd’s Tower
00:51 MimicTear Questline
04:22 Dreambrew Questline
06:39 Burning Giant Heads
07:48 Map Changes Over Time
08:38 Radahn & Leonard
09:32 SnakeSoul
10:43 Godrick Cut Dialogue
11:58 Godfrey Cut Dialogue
12:43 The Arenas of the Lands Between
14:27 Audible Sponsorship

►Janice Chu

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  1. Please open up the description and just spam middle-click on all the youtube links. Those creators have a ton of existing content, and there’s still a lot of cut content that is yet to be discovered / restored

  2. Melina meeting the silver tear is pretty cute, not gonna lie

  3. Nicholas Nelson

    If i had to kill Leonard i would just never fight radahn

  4. Stephen Gonzales

    Big slime GF 🙂

  5. What weapon is that?

  6. Godrick going out with an absolute banger

  7. I 100% agree with the part about the Silver Tear questline. It would have been a much cooler way to get the Mimic Tear Ashes.

  8. I know I’m not the only one who circumnavigated each and every arena trying to find a way inside. Really hope they flesh them out in DLC. Such cool mystique to find them all over the map.

  9. Imagine if the coliseums are tournament pvp. It collects 8 people of similar level wanting to fight, then pits them 1 on 1, victors moving on to fight further while those not currently fighting watch from the stands. Then, after a winner is declared, they must fight the boss of that coliseum. One has the champion and lion, the one in Caelid has the enormous jar man, and something else for the third.

  10. Fun fact: NieR: Automata’s dlc is three coliseums

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