$1 Pizza VS $2000 Pizza in New York City!!

Location 1: 2 Bros Pizza
Address: Manhattan, NYC


  1. This NYC Pizza Tour was EPIC! Thanks for the 24k Pizza, Sonny – what a cool experience 🤪
    Taco tour next, let’s go 🔥

  2. one 2k pizza onebite everyone knows its a 2.4 on the on pizza scale.

  3. I love pizza. But the $2000 pizza looked awful. No way I’d eat that, not even if it was free.

  4. TheDisabledMachine

    looks burnt for 2000

  5. Wow…. you are delicious… i meant the PIZZA 😉😘😊

  6. Time to loose the bandana man…SHOW YOUR MEN HAIR….!!!

  7. “there’s a sucker born every minute” was coined for exactly this reason.

  8. There’s only $10 of gold leaf on that pizza. Gold, in tiny amounts is edible, no need to buy edible gold. Of course, whoever’s selling the restaurant the gold sheets may have made up a story about edible gold that’s expensive. Eating $800 gold—it would have to be more than these sheets.

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