#1: Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

The Top 100 Players of 2020 counts down the top players in the NFL as determined entirely by the players themselves. This year, NFL Films collected 970 ballots and interviewed 132 players.



  1. Rashada Crawford

    MY QUARTERBACK!!! Raven Nation!!!

  2. When you here that Brady is a big fan of you that means a lot.

  3. His runs were electric but his throws wasn’t all that exciting very mediocre passes with wide open receivers I want to see him trying to squeeze a Internet defenders like brees does Russell Wilson should’ve be number 1

  4. Patrick Mahomes got some sun I see.

  5. Raziel Slaughter

    Well deserved.

  6. Happy and Joy World

    Viel Liebe zu dir 🧡❤️
    Standhaft bleiben. Möge Gott dich segnen.
    👇Bitte schauen Sie sich dieses Video an 

  7. Freaky L

  8. I’m more of a basketball fan but I may just buy his Jersey 😆

  9. Cool dude. God-gifted talent. Rare combo.

  10. Just beat the titans next year

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