#1 Alabama Vs Texas A&M Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

Extended highlights from Texas A&M upset over Alabama.

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  1. Calzada made every play he needed to make. It seemed like he had the Alabama defense guessing the whole time

  2. Ohio state is so deep at WR, Jameson Williams transferred to Alabama

  3. L comment section

  4. I bet Small was Big 😉 last night

  5. Penn State barely loses to #3 Iowa and drops 4 places. Bama loses to an unranked team and drop 4 places to #5. Why? So after they blow out horrible LSU, than annihilate a 1 win New Mexico State, they can put them back in the playoffs.

  6. Bama should have dropped lower than 5th after losing to unranked team.
    Bama is trash

  7. All that illegal recruiting, Bama should get some better players for defense

  8. Nothin beats an upset folks

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