Minecraft Monthly is a new series where we bring you Minecraft news, sneak glimpses, and the occasional unsolicited fashion tip.

This first episode is a packed one! Join our newscaster, Vu Bui, and some special visitors, as they cover:

– The Minecraft 1.20 Update: What is it called? And will we be able to pronounce it?

– The forthcoming release of our new game, Minecraft Legends

– Minecraft Dungeons coming to PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

– Some really luxuriant blocky shoes! And how not to wear it

– What Vu’s been hiding under his hat all this time

That last one’s wishful thinking, but you never know.

Pre-order Minecraft Legends here: https://minecraft.net/legends

Got any feedback on the forthcoming 1.20 features? Head over to our Feedback site: https://aka.ms/MC120Feedback


  1. I wish minecraft legends can be in moble too

  2. Ahhhhhh name it

  3. Make sure the pocket edtion are not lag for the new update😐

  4. Coool name name yayayyYay but I want duins and ruins the name

  5. This is so cool! And i can’t wait to update the mobile version of minecraft!

  6. Hamstermalandro


  7. No wonder they won’t ever release rtx they are too worried about the kids …. He looks and sounds like a grooomer

  8. I want rtx for consoles

  9. Prince Lenard T. Malate

    Next Update Update The Structures Especially The Mob Spawner Structures it’s been like more than a Decade that some structures in Minecraft exist

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