🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Stephen A. & Shannon Sharpe react to Aaron Rodgers’ season being over | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe react to the breaking news that Aaron Rodgers’ season is officially over, per Adam Schefter’s reports.
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  1. Why does this always happen to the jets I’m devastated 😢 😪 😫 😔

  2. my only question is, why was prinxcess diana not wearing a seatlbvelt>>>>????

  3. Mack was great 😅

  4. News Alert to First Date and Sane Listeners, If we witness Aaron Rodgers playing his last game in the NFL because of his possible career-ending injury, he can always take solace, in his career ending with his portrait of a true American NFL Football Player, emerging from the tunnel carrying the United States Of America Flag onto the playing field on an Infinite Date in US History. 911. Just a Talkie Talk opinion on how Rodgers added to his legacy as one of the best and greatest quarterbacks in NFL History.

  5. My heart goes to A-A-ron, he made me always be a packers fan and this breaks my heart for him

  6. Rodger’s was starting to wear that “maybe I’m the next ‘Joe Willy’ of NYC” pretty well.

  7. This is magnitudes better than Undisputed.

  8. As a new Yorker I’m devastated in the worst way possible. First the Mets than the Yankees I kept on telling myself that at least the jets will be good now I’m praying that at least the Knicks should be good…

  9. As long as he gets his money, he was guaranteed he don’t care trust me

  10. Torn Achilles? He won’t be playing anymore. Trust me he will be walking with a slight limp for the rest of his life especially at that age

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