🔥 Fortnite Season 8 Operation Skyfire Live Event! Full Complete no commentary

Enjoy the full complete Fortnite Season 8 Live Operation Skyfire Event with no commentary use code asmrgaming

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  1. I was the commander guy in front of you at the start of the video! The event was so crazy I’m really excited for the new season tomorrow!

  2. Congrats on trending I have been watching your videos for a while!

  3. so there other kevin cube?

  4. I haven’t been exited for a fortnite vent in so long the game just isn’t what it use to be

  5. people say fortnite is for kids, look at that… so epic

  6. I missed the event because I had a sports game thank you fo making this video

  7. Creator Of Creation

    Event season 2 is best

  8. thanks bro

  9. Docter slone is a betrayer

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