🇮🇳 Indian Toothbrush & Toothpaste #shorts

Let’s Find Out how well the Colgate ZigZag and Dabur Toothpaste from India will tidy my stain teeth!?

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  1. only here for the purple things

  2. Da H A M S T E R

    F A T G L O B

  3. #indian here!


    It’s disclosing time

  5. Bruh any brush can clean teeth accept broken or dirty ones

  6. That toothpaste we use our entire life it really burns if its in your mouth for too long

  7. What does he use to disclose his teeth?

  8. Sarah Lokhandwala

    Only Indians can take that spice that’s why it’s only made in India

  9. colagate plss.

  10. I was waiting for him to feel that clove kick in. This toothpaste is exquisite.

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