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Magni Dezmond マグニ・デズモンド | HOLOSTARS English-TEMPUS-
I am the great Magni Dezmond! I believe it is time for a more hands on approach.

🔽TEMPUS Guild Members🔽



🎉TEMPUS First All-Member Collab🎉
23 July, 2022 (Sat) 8PM PST
Hosted on Dezmond’s channel!



  1. I got magged when Mag said “it’s maggin time” truly beautiful pieces of maggin debut

  2. I like when he yelled “it’s slippery, HELLO ITS SLIPPERY!!” haha.

  3. 30:37 OMG Magni Dezmond is literally me.

  4. Viva piñata?!? Sjshjsbs I haven’t thought about that in YEARS

  5. 39:32 HE SAID THE THING

  6. this was really funny!! Welcome to the big leagues mate!!!

  7. 25:19 I’m just eyeing one game… Don’t Starve Together!

  8. @32:12 i get this, whenever someone only throws a “Hey.” and nothing following after that. i just reply with “Yo.” lol.

  9. congrats on your debut magni deznuts

  10. Man I’m sorry but your model artist did you dirty 🙁 Why it look like that :((((

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