【3D BIRTHDAY】PARTY TIME! 🌊 #gawrgura

🎂 Gawr Gura Birthday Celebration 2022 Merchandise 🎂
Official EC: https://shop.hololivepro.com/en/products/gawrgura_bd2022
GeekJack: https://shop.geekjack.net/collections/gawr-gura

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  1. Mason Hillsharp

    Can it please be made possible to ship to the Netherlands?? I neeeed that plushie!!

  2. ねこ・まっしぐら


  3. 21:29 Gura
    26:31 Gura Kiara
    バラライカ/月島きらり starring 久住小春
    30:18 Gura Calli
    Catch You Catch Me/日向惠美
    34:04 Gura Ina
    39:33 Gura Ame
    43:57 Myth
    Myth or Treat/Myth

  4. Yaroslav Serzhan

    Happy birthday amazing shark princess Gura-chan.
    Wish you the best on this great day. Wish you to be happy and continue to spend time with your friends💙💙
    And thanks for such a cool 3d concert with Ame, Ina, Kiara and Calli. Your singing is great and it is a really cool concert.

  5. 아니 이렇게 어떻게만들지? 그냥 애니메이션보는거같어

  6. 47:00
    its buying time

  7. HoliliveEN but lets sing Japanese songs

    • of course they are from the japanese idol company called hololive, and also they sing a lot of English songs in their karaoke stream tho, well i guessing ur a NORMIE

  8. Is she a real girl ?

  9. Fishy birthday ever.. ハッピーバースデー wish you all the best for this year and your wish come true..
    keep the fish on the wota.. what am i saying.. I don’t even know what i am typing right know.

  10. Totally real Name

    Man only 300 timestamps comments definitely not enough

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