✨Village Makeover ✨ GONE WRONG | Ep. 12 Finale | Afterlife Minecraft SMP

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Welcome to Afterlife SMP, a new Minecraft SMP. A modded multiplayer
server with friends based around the Minecraft Origins Mod
You get 10 resides in Afterlife SMP and each time you respawn you will acquire a new origin!

Due to a humongous oversight on our part, we have unintentionally named this series after an already existing longstanding vanilla SMP called Afterlife SMP 😬 We know this could alas cause some commotion to their server and for that we are extremely sorry.

@Joey Graceffa
@Katherine Elizabeth Gaming


  1. Antonio Arlan Ang

    Finale…… EMPIRES?!? IS IT COMING BACK?!?

  2. when you were on 1 life I really think that you will die and I was right

  3. Nooooo pls do more 😭😭😭

  4. U need to join afterlife support I hope u become a Lizzie ghost and haunt everyone, also throw sick house parties!

  5. Smp I mean soz

  6. Lizzie I do hope you will make another series of this!

  7. Real after life you mean boy’s afterlife i see no girl accept dor lizzie.

  8. i almost screamed of joy when i saw u posted omg

  9. NOOOOOOOOO I wish u could’ve lived a bit longer so we could see more of your amazing afterlife skins.

  10. C.I didn’t cheat

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